Thursday, 16 April 2015

Quinteto Armorial - Do Romance ao Galope Nordestino (1974)

The debut album from this Brazilian band who went onto release in total four albums. All of them is to be reviewed here. 

Quinteto Armoral was a folk music band on this album. All their instruments was acoustic and the main instruments was flutes, guitars and violins. 

The music here is mostly straight folk music. The music has a lot of chamber rock/RIO influences though. Or maybe it is the chamber rock scene who has been inspired by this band. Nevertheless, I get a lot of those vibes here. The music is tight and intense. There is no ballads here. Just a lot of intense folk music in the Brazilian vein.

I have to admit I find this a very strange and alien soundscape. I am not sure I am fully grasping this world and I guess that will be happening for the three other albums too. This is in my view a decent listen and a decent album. It is not entirely my cup of tea although I really like the chamber rock vibe here.

2 points

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