Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mother Black Cap - In The Comfort Of Your Own Home (2006)

A for me totally unknown English prog rock combo (from Yarmouth, Norfolk) with their debut album. This band is not even listed in ProgArchives (as per today's date) for reasons I don't really understand. Mother Black Cap is a fully fledged progressive rock band.

So we have established this is a prog rock album. A bit of neo prog with plenty of Pink Floyd, folk rock and symph prog in the vein of Genesis. Although Fruupp is a much more obvious comparison than Genesis. Take Wally too as a reference. Their music is arch typical English prog rock with apple orchards, breaded chips and cider. Eccentric English music, but also very melodic.

The long organ runs are excellent and makes me listen up. The band also offers up some good drums, bass, vocals and guitars. The almost seventy minutes long album offers up some good songs and some rather lengthy improvisation, Camel like pieces of music where the band is in a very playful mood.

My only gripe is the lack of some better songs and melodies. But nevertheless, In The Comfort Of Your Own Home is a good prog rock album from a band which is said to have released two more, far better albums than this album. Well, I like this album and I can only look forward to the two other albums. This album has been a fun meeting with this band.

3 points


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