Thursday 16 August 2012

Portals - A Continuous Spectrum (2012)

An US band from Cleveland. This is their debut album too.

We are -again- heading deep into instrumental experiemental shoegazing metal. This has become a big scene now. Even in my local area where fans of this music now have a lot of gigs and new bands to choose between. Strange...... This is not my generation though.

A Continuous Spectrum though is stretching out a hand to my generation with some classical music kind of pianos inbetween all this shoegazing guitar riffs waves. That piano is interesting though and sets this band a part from name-any-other-bands-here. It is an interesting detail, but it really does not add any quality to this album, though.

The music is decent throughout without really impressing me. I have heard a lot of  instrumental experiemental shoegazing metal lately and this is not among the best ones. An added half a point for the piano and I hope they incorporate that a lot more in the future instead of just using it as an add on.

2.5 points

The name-your-price album

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