Friday 28 February 2014

Indisciplined Lucy - About the Black Eyed Girl (1999)

Another Swedish one shot band. They released one EP and this album before they were disbanded.

We are somewhere in progressive rock on this album. A bit of a Scandinavian darkness prog territory with cello and violins in addition to guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums and bass.

Of references.... well, not easy. But the cello and violins are in the Aranis vein. The guitars are sometimes pretty heavy in between also being half-acoustic. The English vocals is in the Ange vein. Very theatrical in other words. Ange is not a bad reference at all. Indisciplined Lucy sounds like a Scandinavian take on Ange.

The melodies are melodic throughout with some very short added avant-garde stuff in between. The music are good too. This is a band I think demands a bit more respect than it has got so far. I like this album and recommends it.

3 points

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