Wednesday 5 February 2014

Doracor - Lady Roma (2008)

The seventh album from this Italian symph prog band.

Doracor has had a very fine development from the rather paltry one-man band album The Long Pathway to this album, a full band album with a lush sound. Doracor has been a full band now for a long time. The difference in quality is huge.

Lady Roma gives us fifty minutes of lush, elegant symphonic prog with Italian vocals. The sound is a mix of the English and US symphonic prog sound. Mostly the US sound, in fact. That means monumental elegance takes the front seat here. Monumental elegance produced with plenty of keyboards, guitars, bass, woodwinds, drums and very elegant male vocals. A bit sweet, perhaps too sweet, but still with a lot of substance. On this album, Corrado Sardella, the mainman in Doracor, has also included some influences from the likes of Rush, lounge jazz and soul. Yes, there is a big thick well known Rush riff in one of the songs here our friends has "borrowed" from our Canadian friends. I guess with tongue in cheek. It is fun listening to it, anyway.

There is no real great tracks here and that is my main gripe with this fifty minutes long album. It is still a very good album well worth checking out. Fans of symphonic prog should have this album in their collection.

3.5 points

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