Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Utopia - Utopia (1973)

A strange band who were and were not Amon Duul II during the Wolf City recording sessions.

Utopia was the result due to a quarrel and a split up of Amon Duul II during those sessions. Half of the band did Wolf City and the other half this album. Then Amon Duul II became friends again and did Wolf City together again while still completing and releasing this album under a different name. This album was re-released as a Amon Duul II album in the 1980s for commercial reasons.

Utopia is a forty minutes long album with some very quirky, happy mental asylum kind of krautrock. The mental attitude is like a Gong album, Daevid Allen wise. But with German humour and style. Very quirky with a lot of fusion too. Yes, Gong is a good reference here. I have heard Passport also been mentioned as a good reference too. It is ages since I have listened to Passport so I cannot really comment on that.

The end result is a zany krautrock album full of German humour. There is no really good stuff here. Just some German in a hippie mood. A decent album it is with some decent songs.

2 points

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