Tuesday 25 February 2014

Jeremy & Progressor - Searching for the Son (2013)

I believe this is the second album and so far last album in the cooperation between Jeremy and Progressor. Their first one was in 2005. Jeremy is an established artist in his own right. See reviews of other Jeremy albums in this blog too. Ditto for Progressor too. Progressor is Vitaly Menshikov's artist name. I believe he is active in Fromuz too. My memories is not the best and I am also sitting in an office, trying to push this review through before the end of my lunch.

Jeremy has his own style. Lately, that has been a bit of west-coast psychedelic rock. That is very much present here too. He also does the vocals and the guitars here. Very competent in both instances. There is also a lot of cool jazz here too and I suspec Vitaly is responsible here. That too also goes for the symphonic prog here too. This very much describe the music here. Keyboards, woodwinds, vocals, guitars, bass and drums is what we get here.

The result is a cool breezy eighty minutes long album which probably the best fit is the psychedelic rock label. It is also a good album which offers excellent value for money. I am a bit restrained in my praise as this music does not really resonate with me. Me about that.

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  1. Vitaly Menshikov has never been a part of Fromuz, to my knowledge at least. He is the man behind the progressor website however, which he started back in the 1990's sometime.

  2. Indeed, Vitaly Menshikov has never been a part of Fromuz, but he had played with both Vitaly Popeloff and Albert Khalmurzayev (who are the main men behind Fromuz) in other bands, in Edgar Poe and X Religion in particular. For more info on the matter, visit the homepage of the latter band - www.progressor.net/xreligion/