Sunday 9 February 2014

Djam Karet - The Trip (2013)

The sixteenth album from this US band.

This album is also my first meeting with the band despite of their very good reputation. So I bought this album.

The Trip is a forty-five minutes long album with only one track; The Trip. Yes, that sounds eclectic and eccentric. The instrumental music is a mix of ambient music and space rock. Very pedestrian at times. At times, very rocking too. This album fits very well into the krautrock genre. It is a krautrock album.

The music is eked out with keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. It is at times dynamic and at times very ambient and pedestrian. It comes across as a mix of Amon Duul II and Agitation Free. Not on their finest moments, I hasten to add.

The music is decent enough. It has a lot of ebbs and flows in the good old krautrock tradition. The Hammond organs is always nice to hear. The lack of any really interesting melody lines is a bit of a problem though. I like parts of this album a great deal. There are also parts here who leaves me stone cold dead. This is a decent to good album.

2.5 points

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