Saturday, 22 February 2014

Legendary Pink Dots - Taos Hum (2013)

This, their 31rd album since 1982 is my first ever meeting with this London, England based space rock band.

A lot of albums normally means improvised tracks and albums. Or they also means computer generated music with a lot of samples and not much organic music. Taos Hum probably falls into both categories.

The music on this fifty minutes album falls into the more electronic end of the krautrock spectrum. A lot of nodding around, both from the band and the listener. This album cures insomnia. It is so pedestrian and so dull, full of electronic avant-garde it is.

All this would had been great if the music was good. It is not. It is not even decent and the band is throwing ideas at the listener without really carry them through. The band is not hopeless. They are just missing the boat with this album which is hovering very close to the turkey yard. But a couple of decent tracks saves the album from my dinner table.

1.5 points

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