Tuesday 5 February 2013

Thank You Scientist - Maps of Non Existent Places (2012)

The debut album from this US band.

...And an album I find it difficult to really label. Stadium rock with some jazz elements is perhaps the best label. There is a lot of brass and woodwinds in their sound. That in addition to alot of Muse sounding stadium rock. A jazzed up Muse is another good label. There is also some violin lead gypsy music here too. This seven piece band is not making it easy for me with their many untraditional instruments and a mix of jazz and stadium rock. This music would be great in a live setting, though.

The sound is great and no problems there. What is really missing is some great melodies and songs. There is none of that. The music is good though and the band is a very welcome injection of life and vitamin d's into the pretty stagnant US scene. Their music is by no means stagnant. It is lively as a poultry farm during a visit from a fox. A heck of a racket, this band is making.

Although this album is not quite a great album, I quite like this album although it is well outside my comfort zone and music I have gotten quite fed up with long time ago. A good is rewarded.

3 points

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