Monday, 17 September 2012

Threshold - Wounded Land (1993)

The debut album of this British band who has often been referred to the British answer to USA's Dream Theater. A bit of an unfair label. Threshold has very much stood on their own feet since the release of this album. They have very much had their own sound too. A big fat sound somewhere between neo prog and prog metal.

It is in this landscape we find this album too. Straddling the border between majestic neo prog and prog metal. The synths are very much neo prog. The guitars are firmly planted in the prog metal camp. Somewhere inbetween, we find Damian Wilson's excellent vocals. The bass and drums too is straddling this border.

I have always liked their pretty cheesy sound. A sound very much evident on this album. An album without any great or any good songs. It is a debut album where the band is announcing themselves to an appreciative world. But I can listen to their sound all night long. This is a good album and a good start to their career.

3 points

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