Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kadaver - Kadaver (2012)

The debut album from this new German band. A band who has set out to capture the spirit for the 1970s.

They have very much managed to bottle the spirit of the 1970s on this forty-one minutes long album. This album is like coming straight out of the Hellhound Records record label. It is not though as the 'hound closed their doors twenty years ago. Kadaver does a mix of stoner, kraut and space rock. Obvious reference are the Ozzy era Black Sabbath. Others are St Vitus and the other Hellhound bands. Other reference are Hawkwind and the current generation of German hard rocking space rock bands.

The sound is dirty as in the 1970s sound. The music is performed by guitars, some synth, bass and drums. The vocals is a mix of Ozzy and Dave Brock. The vocals are very good and very much fits into the hard, guitars based sound.

The material is good throughout and this makes this album an enjoyable ride back to the 1970s again. My main gripe is the lack of any really great songs. This though is a debut album and I am sure the band will improve on this album on coming albums. For fans of retro prog and kraut; check out this album.

3 points

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