Friday, 4 May 2012

Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come - No Man's Land (2010)

Album originally released in 1975, but re-released two years ago through Black Widow Records in a substantially re-worked edition.

Victor Peraino was the tangent player in Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come. The band that gave us the mega hit Fire. Arthur Brown broke up Kingdom Come and Victor Peraino took it over, released the first version of this album in 150 copies on LP and then disappeared again. Black Widow Records kindly made it available again.

This album does include a version of Fire too. So a tick in the box there. That aside, this album consists of space rock influenced mainstream rock from the mid 1970s. In addition to the traditional rock setup, there is also some flutes, woodwinds and mellotron here. The sound is not the best though. Pretty sub standard, in fact. The vocals are pretty good though.

The whole album feels a bit cobbled together and that was exactly what it was. It was Victor Peraino out to prove that Kingdom Come was his band. The result is not good. Even Fire is lacking... ehh.... fire in it's belly.
The overall quality is decent. But nothing more than that. This band and album is just a footnote in the history of music and barely that, if this album is being presented as the evidence for their status.

2 points

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