Friday, 25 May 2012

Mörglbl - Brutal Romance (2012)

The fifth album from this French band.

The name of the band kinds of gives away the game here. Or the music to be precise. This is another tilting French band who are wobbling all over the musical landscape. In the case of Mörglbl, we are talking eclectic music. Eclectic music as in a crossbreed between harsh power metal riffs, King Crimson like harmonies and fusion as in Mahavishnu Orchestra. All of this is instrumental music. But it is far from elevator music or even easy listening. This is caffeine kick replacement music which kicks the listener like up the backside a mad stallion does (don't try that at home, please).

The music is dominated by the very dynamic rhythm section (courtesy of Ivan Rougny and Aurelien Ouzoulias). The melody lines is driven by Christophe Godin's guitars though and I am driven to compare his guitars to those of John McLaughlin. If you likes his guitars and music, you will love this album.

The result is a very dynamic album with a lot of very interesting details. This is a grower too and not an instant pleasure. My point score given below has gone up two points, doubled up, from the first week and my first listening session to the tenth listening session, three weeks later. This is what I call a quality album, in other words. This is an album I find very interesting and which drives me more and more towards fusion and eclectic music. I will go forth and investigate the back catalogue of  Mörglbl.

4 points

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