Sunday, 28 June 2015

Smoot. Mark - The Attic (1988)

The one and only album from this US musician. 

Mark Smoot has had a long career as a member of various obscure US neo-prog bands as an employee of an US record label. So it was about time to do something on his own. A good idea.....

Mark Smoot does all the vocals and other instruments here with the exception of drums and keyboards. And we are talking some sort of neo-prog here.

I am not sure when Mark became an inhouse producer in a record label because the sound here is pretty bad. Or maybe the budget was a zero budget. Nevertheless, this album is suffering for it.... big time.

I am not sure if the lack of budget also meant he had to do most of the instruments too. Mark Smoot is not an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. And that is to put it kindly.

The music is unimaginative blend of pop music, rock and neo-prog. That with some hints of symphonic prog now and then. Supertramp influences pops up now and then. The music is very melodic. 

Melodic and bereft of anything good. Nothing here is worth writing home about. Hence, this is a very obscure album and that for the right reasons. Don't pester the mankind with this turkey.

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