Sunday 18 May 2014

Fugato Orchestra - Noe (2010)

The second and so far last album from this Hungarian band. Or to be more precise; orchestra.

Both this orchestra and this almost seventy minutes long album falls a bit outside the rock and pop format. A lot of the music here is pure classical music. Other music here is electronic and funky popular music. There are also some swing and jazz here. All of this with bass and drums.

There is a huge variety of music here. Some of it makes me cringe. It is that cheesy. It goes from Prince like funk to reggae and classical music. There are also some female opera vocals here in addition to a male singer who copies Bob Marley. The huge list of musicians here, more than twenty musicians, are kept busy.

Fugato Orchestra is trying to be everything at the same time. In around seventy minutes, that is not easy. The contrasts here is massive. The common thing here is that everything is bland and too slick. There is not much soul here. The best parts is when the female vocalists are let loose with some proper songs. The only saving grace on this album. The rest of this album is too much plastic, too fake, too fragmented.

Avoid this album and get their first album instead.

2 points

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