Sunday 11 May 2014

Fugato Orchestra - Neander Variations (2004)

The debut album from this Hungarian band. The first of so far two albums.

I am getting exposed to a lot of very wide array of music through this blog. Which for me personally is the whole point of this blog. I love it ! Fugato Orchestra is for me one of the blessings of running this blog. They are to say at least not the usual fare.

Fugato Orchestra was a 13 piece band on this album. You get the full keyboards, bass, drums and guitars setup in addition to the cellos, violins, flutes, percussion and female opera singers.

Is this album a classical album or a rock album ? Is this rock or classical music ? I would say it is 60 % rock and 40 % classical music. The opening tracks is pure classical music and I did not really have much hopes for this album as the music was not even good classical music. The album opens up into a more lighter, rockier landscape on the final half of the album and it is really a tour de force from there and in. The female opera does a great deal for this album. Ditto for the keyboards. The flutes is also great.

The music is a bit cheesy, yes. This though is a genuine crossover album which should appeal to a lot of people. It sometimes sounds like a film movietrack. But I really like this very good album. It is bordering to be a great album too. The disappointing opening of the album drags the album down to becoming a very good album.

Fugato Orchestra is a very refreshing addition to the scene and I wish them all the best. Check out this album.

3.5 points

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