Saturday 3 January 2015

Trevor Harmonic - Eleazar (2014)

A new Argentine band with their debut album. 

Not much is known about this band, beside of it being from Cordoba and it is a three piece band with keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and Spanish vocals. This album is one hour long too.

What first pops into my head when hearing this album is the Argentine band Pez. Their music is pretty similar to Trevor Harmonic's music. Music which is pretty similar to King Crimson. The emphasis is rhythms and atonal weirdness. Add some punk to the mix too and a lot of South American eclectic prog. This is in short eclectic progressive rock. 

The vocals are good. The melodies changes rhythm and melody patterns on a frequent level. It feels like the guitars are off key all the time. Ditto for the vocals. But that is a false impression. The guitars and vocals just does what the music requires them to do. This is by no means traditional progressive rock.

This is quite an eyeopener and a ear cleaner I really like. It is nice to get new impressions onboard. This is a free download too and one all progressive rock fans should get. This is a good album and I hope the band will follow it up with more albums. 

3 points

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