Sunday, 25 January 2015

Gurth - Tormentes (2008)

The so far only sign of life from this Spanish band.

Their Myspace account is a bit sparse on news and it seems like this band has split up. Which is a bit of a shame. Gurth is/was a five piece band. Their lineup is vibraphone, Spanish vocals, bass, drums, guitars and synth guitar. 

We are in an eclectic landscape here. Take fusion, Pierre Moerlin's Gong, King Crimson and Spanish prog. Take some funk and avant-garde jazz too. There is a lot of strange ideas here and off beat stuff. Something which the cover art work are alluding to. This is not the usual run of the mill prog rock album.

There is a lot of good details here. What is missing is some good music. There are only sporadic good music here. The album is rich on details though.... which makes it a good album. Those really into King Crimson should check out this album.

3 points 

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