Saturday 18 July 2015

H2O - Due (2001)

The second and final album from this Italian band.

I really liked their 1997 debut album UnoPuntoSei a lot. Very good Italian symphonic prog indeed. The band has shrunk to three members on the follow up album though. Keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals. A mix of Italian and English vocals. 

The vocalist Luca Prandi sounds like a mix of Peter Gabriel and the vocalist in The Watch. The music is also pretty much in the Genesis and in particular; in the The Watch vein. Those who really like The Watch should flash their credit card in the direction of this album.

This is a fifty minutes album and the title track is sixteen minutes long. There is no great songs here. Neither is there any weak songs here. This is a very solid album and I would recommend it. It is also a good album.

3 points

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