Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Trolls Atomic System - NT Atomic System (1973)

The debut album and only studio album from this New Trolls splinter group. Yes, New Trolls from Italy and New Trolls Atomic System is also Italy based. 100 % Italian, in fact...... almost. 

Vittorio De Scalzi is the vocalist and flautist here. He is helped out by six other people here. I don't really know the chaotic New Trolls history so I don't know who of the original New Trolls members was involved here.

The lineup here is keyboards, Italian vocals, flutes, woodwinds, bass, guitars, drums and percussion. The music is very much middle of the road Italian symphonic prog. All forty-five minutes of this album.

The album is pretty one dimensional at the beginning and feels like a rose who is hiding the flower in the middle of some frost. The first half an hour is bordering to dull where one theme is running through the songs. It is not a good theme and the music sounds starved of any daylight and intelligent life. It is also music bordering to Italian beat music from the 1960s.

The final two songs is so much better though and the rose is finally opening up on a fine summer's day. These two songs are both multi-dimensional and lush.

This album is as frustrating as the whole New Trolls venture. You get the feeling the musicians is not really able to unleash their potential on this album. Hence my good rating. I wish this had been a great album, though.

3 points

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