Friday 13 February 2015

Flyte - Dawn Dancer (1979)

Another one album wonder band. This time, the band comes from Belgium.

This six piece band emerged after the death of the symphonic prog movement. So they chose to play.... symphonic prog. Sort of, that is.

Take a large dash of neo-prog and traditional rock from the 1970s. Then add some symphonic prog and some pop music with some Southern European influences. All this is driven forward by Hammond organs, keyboards, some guitars, bass, drums and some truly dreadful vocals. The vocalist cannot sing at all and that is why he is trying to diversify into talking and some "amusing" other sounds. This album has some of the most dreadful vocals you will ever find. 

The music is not much better. It sounds tired and worn out. The quality is not here at all. The opening song Woman is the only decent song here and that is this album's saving grace. The rest is very bad.

1.5 points

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