Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kada - Kada (1999)

The debut album from his Hungarian jazz band who has gone on to releasing four albums and some other releases. 

Kada was recommended to me as a Soft Machine inspired band. Inspired, yes..........

Kada was a six piece band on this album with saxophone, flugelhorn, trombone, trumpet, bass, percussion, drums and guitars. A wide array of instruments and sounds.... on the paper.

What is a bit odd is that the band has gone down a bit of a minimalistic avant-garde jazz route here. The guitars is the most dominating instrument here. There is a lot of guitar solos here. There is not so much woodwinds here. The bass and drums is also very much present here.

A lot of this fifty minutes long album is pretty dull where avant-garde'ism is taken to the extreme and offers nothing but repeated melody lines and guitar solos. There are some interesting bits here. But they are not what I will remember this album for. I find this a dull but still decent album. An album not for me.

2 points   

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