Thursday, 16 February 2012

What the Blood Revealed - What the Blood Revealed (2007)

A new Scottish band. They are actually from a neighbour town in Ayrshire.

This is an EP, although almost forty minutes long. The music is hard post rock/shoegaze with a lot of ebbs and flows in the music. Most flows though with cascades of guitars of various sounds and colours. From some chugging metal riffs to some half acoustic guitars. This music sounds like the Irish Sea just outside the doors of their rehearsal place (well, that is how I imagine their rehearsal place. Let's call this creative licence and not fact) where the sea is crashing onto the beaches.

The quality of the music is decent. What I am really missing is some form of identity here and some good melodies. What the Blood Revealed sounds like umpteen other post rock bands and I would not be able to differ between them and others in this genre. Please give me some DNA samples next time around, guys.
But fans of this genre should perhaps chech out this band.

2.5 stars

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