Friday, 10 February 2012

Moskau - II (2005)

An interesting project from Germany.

Christian Kolf's first Moskau album is an ecletic mix of Radiohead like pop and the darkest hell like doom. The down-tuned guitars sometimes reminds me about black metal. But My Dying Bride is the best reference. So is Type O Negative and perhaps a lot of the other modern post and experiemental metal bands. I am pretty new to this scene and do not have many references here.

The result is a good album which mixes harsh industrial soundscapes, laid down by the bass, with some very warm and lush soundscapes. This album has a lot of the latter ones, actually. That to my surprise. The vocals is also very good.

I am surprised, positive surprised by this album. It is a free download too and well worth checking out. It is not a great album in my view. But I believe some of you would really love this album. Hence my approval.

3.5 points

Link to Bandcamp album 

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