Friday, 10 February 2012

Starcastle - Fountains of Light (1977)

Oh my cod. This is such a Yes rip off.

Starcastle was a pretty big band in their heydays and they really satisfied the scene's hunger for more Yes albums.

Fountains of Light is in all but name a Yes album from their Fragile era. I cannot really find any differences between Yes and Starcastle when it comes to sound. Actually, there is one difference and it is pretty big. It is the keyboards sound. Yes keyboards sounds pastoral green green valleys of England. Starcastle's keyboard is much more American pomp rock, AOR sounding. That is the difference between Fragile and Fountains of Light.

That and the quality of the songs. Fountains of Light is lagging well behind in that respect. But this is by all means a hugely enjoyable album. The lack of some great songs is a problem. But their sound alone is worthy the purchase price and it is recommended.

3.5 points

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