Monday, 8 September 2014

Le Orme - Storia O Leggenda (1977)

The ninth studio album from this Italian band.

Le Orme is one of the best bands from the Italian symphonic prog scene. They started out as an ELP copy, but soon moved more towards normal Italian prog with a lot of emphasis on the good melody and a warm sound.

This is very much the case on this album too. Gone is their ELP roots and in comes a much more balanced blend of rock, pop, folk rock and prog rock. The sound is very lush to say at least. Aldo Tagliapietra's vocals is hover over some keyboards, guitars, Moog, bass and drums.

Some of the songs are very pop music orientated and commercial. This album sold rather well and that is due to this album's commercial sound. A sound pointing towards the 1980s. Some of the synths here are pretty annoying to say at least. Very plastic'y feeling. Not my style at all and it seems like the band has been listening to Kraftwerk a great deal.

There is no really great song here. Most of the album is good though and I like most of it. It is not one of their best albums, though.

3 points

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