Tuesday 1 July 2014

Errata Corrige - Siegfried, il Drago e Altre Storie (1976)

The debut album from this Italian band who released two albums before they disappeared from the face of the earth. Well, with the many Italian bands from the 1970s who now reforms, we can never be sure.

Listening to this album, I would not mind at all. Pastoral Italian symphonic prog is what we get here. The Italian vocals is almost whispering and very low key. That does not means it is bad. Far from it. The vocals really suits this music here which is being created with cello, flutes, guitars, keyboards, piano, bass and drums.

Good references to this album is both Genesis albums Trespass and Foxtrot. But this album is a lot more pastoral. It is still very symphonic throughout. Soundwise, this album is suffering a great deal as the mix has some flaws. The songs are not particular great either. It is still a very good forty minutes album which has a great mood and a great deal to offer to all fans of Italian progressive rock.

3.5 points

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