Sunday 17 April 2016

Doping Hornets - Doping Hornets (2015)

The debut album from this Canadian band.

If my memory serves me right, this is also a name-your-price Bandcamp album too. Yes, it is. Check out the link.

Doping Hornets from Montreal, Quebec is a five piece band with flutes, drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals. Most songs are in English although this Canadian province is a French speaking province.

The band has been listed as a Crossover Prog band in the always almighty ProgArchives and I agree with that.

What we get here is forty-two minutes of college rock and prog rock. The band is youthful and that is what you get here. Young, innocent music. But this is not teenybopper rock and they are hundreds of miles away from that their countrymen Justin Bieber throws up on his albums and teenybopper riot gigs.

The musicians does a good job and so does the vocalist. What is a great shame here is the lack of really good songwriting. The music is youthful..... but not good. There is nothing here which really catches my attention.

This album is by no means a disaster. But next time, please write some good tunes and songs. Anyway, download this album and disagree with me and this review. 

2 points


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