Tuesday 13 October 2015

Ancient Veil. The - The Ancient Veil (1995)

The one and only album from this Italian band.

The Ancient Veil was the continuation to Eris Pluvia, a band with some moderate artistic and commercial success. They released two or three albums as far as I remember. All of them reviewed in this blog.

That band was pretty much Genesis influenced. This duo + a lot of friends = The Ancient Veil, has some moderate Genesis influences. The main influence is medieval, baroque folk music. There is some woodwinds and percussions here in addition to a lot of flutes and percussions. Add acoustic guitars, bass and vocals to the blend too and you get this album.

The end result has come as a surprise to me. Surprise because this one hour long album is a blend of symphonic prog and folk music. Also as a surprise because this pretty modestly sounding and pastoral album is a very good album. It has a vibe I really like and the music too is very good. A great track would have elevated this album to a higher level. Nevertheless; this is a very good album. Check it out.

3.5 points 

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