Wednesday 11 March 2015

Valenor - Valenor (2014)

The debut album from this band from Kendal, England. 

We are again into the world of fantasies and literature. Valenor is a four piece band with a cello, guitars, piano, male vocals, whistle, keyboards, organs, bass and drums lineup.

That makes for something pretty folky. Well, that is largely true.

Take a bit of symphonic prog and folk rock. Add some pub rock and standard English rock too. Then you largely get this album.

The album is seventy minutes long and I am finding little to really write about it. The music is clean and good. The songs are good. The music is also not the most exciting here and I have been waiting for this rose to open up and blossom throughout the listening sessions. This has only partly happen. A lot of the music here is vocals dominated with some pretty good melodic, instrumental parts too. And that is really all there is to this album.

This is a good album and I hope the band expands on it next time around.

3 points

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