Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Trip To Elera - Paste (1997)

The first and final album from this German band. A free download album from their homepage.

I was not particular impressed by their debut release, the Rain Dreaming Ceremony EP from 1996. So I was not looking forward to another slab of their take on krautrock. This time, a one hour long album. An album I have been listening to for the last fourteen days.

Krautrock is probably not the correct label here. Call it post rock instead. That is what it is. Take bass, drums and guitars. Then you have this stripped down post rock. The music is very understated throughout. The bass and guitars is both driving the melodies forwards. The sparse, naked melodies. 

The end result is actually pretty good. Not good, but somewhere between decent and good. Fans of post rock should check this one out. Link is below.

2.5 points

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