Tuesday 23 December 2014

Teliof - Is It ? (2008)

The debut album from this Israeli band. It is also the only album so far from this band. But we can always hope for some more albums....

With a line up of ten members and at least the same amount of instruments, we are in for something special. Well, that was what I was hoping for.

What we get here is more a kind of a musical on an album than a classical music or jazz inspired album. We get some pretty naive, poppy female vocals. Some male vocals. Some guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and a lot of other instruments. This in a setting which reminds me about a musical. At best; a rock opera.

The music here is not bad at all. It is very melodic. But it is also pretty poppy and commercial with a lot of well trodden paths. It is a good album which does not really live up to it's billing as a brilliant album. I still hope we will hear far more from this band. 

3 points 

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