Thursday 31 January 2013

Hyacintus - Fantasia en Concerto (2003)

The second album from this one-man project of Jacinto Miguel Corral. He is from Argentina and he hires in other Argentinian musicians for this project.

Fantasia en Concerto is a crossover rock-classical music project with a symphonic structure. There is tonnes of keyboards here. There is also a lot of cello, guitars, bass, drums and other instruments here too. The sound is pretty big, but not overwhelming big as in a full symphony orchestra.

The more classical orientated music here in the Mike Oldfield style is good. Unfortunate, there is some vocals and a couple of really abysmal substandard power metal songs here too at the end which sticks out like a pair of sore thumbs. I seriously question the wisdom of this and it most certainly leaves a bad impression of this album. An album not filled with much interesting music. It is an album which works as background music and not much else. It is a decent album in it's own right and nothing more than that.

2 points

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