Friday 18 January 2013

Electric Moon - Lunatics (2010)

If I am not much mistaken, this is the debut album from this German band. It is another band from the hyper active Sula Bassana.

We are talking cosmic space rock here. Four long compositions over each themes and one short track. The latter one is a cover version of Eric Burden's Hotel Hell and by far the most uninteresting song here. The odd one out track here. The other four tracks are very good though. Guitar, bass and drums with some added Hammond organ and voices is a very effective combination in space rock.

This album is a far out there experience. There is method to the compositions though and even dead dull sober listeners like myself finds a lot of good things here. So much that I really like this type of music. And I am a teetotaller and I don't use drugs. This is a very good album which should interest all space rockers out there.

3.5 points

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