Saturday, 3 September 2016

Goblin - Tenebre (1982)

The twelfth album from this Italian band.

The movie plackards says Music Di Simontelli - Pignatelli and Morante. That is Goblin anno that movie. The lineup is guitars, bass, digital drums and lots of synths and keyboards.

The movie from the legendary movie producer is a classic horror movie with the same name. You can also get that one from all Amazon outlets. Now even on Blue-Ray in addition to DVDs. The prices for this movie is not that bad and I am a bit tempted as this is really a classic horror movie. I have actually found the uncut version and have purchased it right here and now. It is a classic Italian movie too. Well, I think I will get this DVD. A DVD also complete with the music here as this album is it's movie soundtrack.

The movie is a suspense horror movie. The music is suspense music. The music is pretty sinister and it is fully instrumental.

I guess this soundtrack is going to scare the life out of me when it is the soundtrack for all the horror I will watch on that DVD.

It does not work that well as a music album. But it is not a bad album, the half an hour of it. It has a lot of good melodies. It is in fact a good album whose only gripe I have got is the lack of any really great melodies.

This is one of the better Goblin albums I have heard and I am looking forward to receiving the DVD. So in this case; the music has sold the movie to me. Job very well done, Goblin !

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