Saturday, 20 August 2016

Barracuda Triangle - Electric Shock Therapy (2014)

The debut album from this Swedish project.

This project, because I cannot see this grow into a band, is actually Jonas Reingold, Tomas Bodin and Felix Lehrmann from The Flower Kings. In other words, another branch of the main tree; The Flower Kings.

The album was released on Reingold Records without much fanfare.

The lineup is keyboards, bass, guitars and drums. There is no vocals here.

This album has a bit of everything, genre wise. A bit of instrumental The Flower Kings and this Scandinavian symphonic prog genre and sound.
It also has a bit of fusion, a bit of mainstream symphonic prog, a bit of Swedish folk music and a lot of cinematic music.

The three wise men from The Flower Kings makes it plain that they can play their instruments. The Barracuda Triangle is also a place they can play as a trio and knock their heads together on some music you will never find in either The Flower Kings or in any other bands you will find them in.

..... By exposing yourself this way, you also makes it plain what your problem is. Which is the lack of good, concise music writing. Something Roine Stolt is so good at.

I am not a big fan of this album. It is a good album. But it is pretty clear what this one hour long album is in need of: Great melodies.

3 points


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