Saturday, 28 May 2016

Michels - Full Moon California Sunset (1978)

The debut album from this German artist.

Wolfgang Michels was a member of the rather unknown band Percewood's Onagram. A band from USA whose albums is now available again under the Original Albums series sold everywhere. Lots of bands has found new fans through that series. A cheap 5 cardbox CDs collection. So I bought one with this band and this album was included too. I believe this is the only way to get this album on CD.

I have just googled and found out that 5 of his other albums has been released through the Original Albums series too. If the price is right....... Maybe.

The backing musicians here were all from Percewood Onagram, I believe. Michels is doing the vocals.

The music is sunny pop/rock with a lot of references to the 1960s. Mostly from the 1960s, it has to be said.

There is alot of innocence on this album. A lot of flower power and hippies ambience too. Added strings makes this a bit of a 1970s album too.

The result is a pretty charming pop rock album which does not offer much other than 1960s and 1970s sound and music. It sounds a bit outdated and the music is not much good. But I am not dismissing it out of hand. This is a pretty decent album.

2 points


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