Friday, 4 September 2015

Id. The - Idiocrazy (2015)

The debut album from this international band who met each other on the Kompoz website.

The Id is a three man big band with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. I think all of the album was recorded online and compiled through the internet. Not unusual these days. I doubt these three members has ever met each other.

And yes, we are again in the middle of neo-prog land. IQ and Jadis is good references here. A lot of keyboards and guitar harmonies can be found here. The keyboards sound is warm and soothing. It is clearly the best thing about this album. The vocals are not too bad. 

The songs are a bit same'ish on this album. A bit more variations and pushing the boat out would not have hurt this album at all. Then again; this is an elegant album which will make neo-prog fans sit up and really listen. Not to mention; really enjoy what they are hearing. This is an hour long album and well worth checking out as it is a good album too.

3 points 

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