Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Source. The - All Along This Land (2006)

The first of two albums from this US band.

The Source was a four piece band and their lineup was vocals, guitars, bass, drums, organs and piano.

The sound is pretty lush and warm. Ditto for the vocals too. The music is at times half-acoustic. Well, it is half-acoustic most of the times. 

To put a label on it........ College rock meets progressive rock. The music is typical Made in USA. The music is also very melodic. Melodic, but still pretty intricate. Hence, the progressive rock label here on the music and on the band. Which is a perfectly true label.

There is no really great songs here although most of the music is good to very good. Hence, I rate this as a good album which does not really sparkle.

3 points

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