Friday 12 July 2013

Larynx - Es War Schon Fast Herbst (1979)

To my knowledge, the only album from this German band.

The Canadian and Quebec scene gave us a lot of prog rock influenced folk rock back in the 1970s. Cano and Harmonium was the best known bands in this genre. Larynx is the German version of this scene. Pretty elegant folk rock with prog rock influences. The music is dominated by the female sounding male vocals. There are though a lot going on in the background. A jazzy guitar and bass line in one of the songs. A rampant Hammond organ in another song. All of this in a folk rock setting. But still pretty interesting.

There are no really good songs here on this forty minutes long album. It is ticking over nicely in it's pedestrian way. It is maybe a good purchase for everyone into the Quebec scene though as it is a decent album. Get it through Ebay.

2 points

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