Sunday, 5 May 2013

Zylver - Van Verre (2013)

I believe this is the debut album from this Dutch artist. Or maybe I am wrong.

Albums like this sometimes lands on my lap and I am supposed to have an opinion about it. Van Verre, which was sold to me as a neo prog album, is the type of albums which has made me turn away from the pop/rock genre. Zylver does what he/they can to appeal to the mass market, to the women buyers. I don't understand much of the Dutch language. The lyrics is in Dutch language and it is delivered in a passionate tone. Que the melting of female hearts. It is worse than the melting of the glaciers in Antarctica. Well, it is supposed to be that.

The music is not terrible. It is competent delivered and there is a huge market for it there. This may be a hit album too and I have heard far worse hit albums than this album. So I wish Zylver good luck. The music is though as dull as watching paint dry, coming from an angle of wanting exciting and untraditional music. Hence my verdict. Don't buy this album if you are into the likes of Magma and Soft Machine.

2 points

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