Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lobate Scarp - Time And Space (2012)

The debut album from this new US band. It is being lead by the vocalist and keyboardist Adam Sears. Over fifty musicians (!!)were involved in this album.

Adam Sears is thinking big with this album and the sound is indeed both bold and big. Music wise, we are somewhere in US symph prog land. That and with some prog metal influences. The songs are pretty long. The title track is clocking in at over fifteen minutes. The music though is pretty melodic. Sometimes, the cliches geiger teller hits a dangerous high level.

The music is being delivered by a mix of electric guitars and keyboards. That and a lot of orchestral instruments. The vocals is great. Ditto for the rest.

The title track is great and showcases some great melody making abilities. Unfortunate, the rest of the album is not in the same class. There is no doubts that Adam Sears is a great talent and that he should continue down the same track. This is a very good album. I am in no doubts it will be regarded as a superb album by most others though. I am though missing some more great tracks before I would go that far. Nevertheless....

3.5 points

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